Premier Supreme Security is a leading security provider in the country. Though it was registered in the year 2014 it started operations in 2009 with the name Premier Security Services. However because of the need to have new vision and diverse ideas, Directors resolved to separate and hence the birth of Premier Supreme Security. Due to our con- tinued effort and professionalism, we have now been rewarded by managing to acquire just over 120 guards in Nairobi and its environs and over 300 countrywide. The range of services offered by our company is varied, reflecting a global change in the way private security is managed.

We are affiliated to Sunrays Services Ltd, a leading provider of trained personnel in guarding and related services. This has enabled us to concentrate in providing security while our partner does recruitment and training on our behalf. This is in line with our continued strife to achieve professionalism and good service for our clients.